States Boost College Funding, Rein In Tuition Costs

Source: Mary Beth Marklein and Michael Auslen / USA Today

After years of deep budget cuts, several states are poised to boost higher education funding this year, often in exchange for a promise by public colleges and universities to freeze tuition.

Iowa, Minnesota, Montana and Nebraska are among states where universities have agreed to keep their in-state tuition flat if lawmakers give them more money. Governors of California, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island support similar deals. University of Maine System trustees say they’ll won’t raise tuition as long as their state funding isn’t cut.

Campuses in several other states, including Indiana’s Purdue University and Ohio State University in Columbus, also have announced tuition freezes.

For students and public universities alike, “things are more optimistic-looking in the next 12 months compared with the last half-decade,” says Daniel Hurley, spokesman for the American Association of State Colleges and Universities.

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