#StayD12: Lakers Start Campaign To Convince Dwight Howard To Re-Sign

Source: Matt Moore / CBS Sports

There once was a time when the Los Angeles Lakers did not have to stoop to the petty recruiting tactics for superstar talent other teams had to go through. They were the Lakers, and if you did not want to play for them, you were not worthy of them. Other teams pawed, begged, pleaded, and pitched. The Lakers stood by, confident in signing anyone they wanted, because they were above it.

Then along came Dwight Howard.

With Howard set to meet free agency in just four days, the Dwightmare is ready to break loose again. As Houston moves further and further into the driver’s seat, according to reports for the services of Howard, the Lakers launched their public relations counterattack Wednesday, starting with a series of billboards to accompany a Twitter handle simply titled #stayD12 in order to advocate to the All-Star center that he should remain in Los Angeles.

So the Lakers are putting the full-court press on Howard, which will involve Kobe Bryant,Pau Gasol, and maybe Mike D’Antoni, though there’s no telling how that will go over. The Lakers can’t afford to lose Howard under any circumstances.

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