TSA Drops Effort To Allow Small Knives On Planes

Source: Bart Jansen/ USA Today

The head of the Transportation Security Administration announced Wednesday he would drop his effort to allow small knives and some sporting equipment in carry-on luggage on planes.

TSA Administrator John Pistole’s reversal came after several months of fierce opposition from flight attendants, airlines and relatives of victims of terrorist attacks.

Pistole had argued that baggage screeners should concentrate on explosives that could bring down a plane rather than small knives. But after “extensive engagement” with aviation interests, including law enforcement officials and passenger advocates, Pistole said Wednesday that TSA would keep the prohibited-items list unchanged.

The decision was widely praised by groups that opposed Pistole’s effort. The 90,000-member Coalition of Flight Attendant Unions was a major opponent to the change, holding rallies and lobbying lawmakers.

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