Virginia Jail Holds Father-Daughter Dance For Prisoners (VIDEO)

Source: Steve Osunsami / ABC News

All of the prisoners at Virginia’s Richmond City Jail admit they made poor choices, and could be better fathers.

“I am definitely failing as a parent right now, just by being out of her life,” Ronnell Glasgow said.

A few examples: Julian Edwards is serving four years for drug distribution, Joey Atkins is awaiting trial for illegal gun possession, and Glasgow is serving seven years for selling drugs.

Most of the men are in their 20s and 30s. Gerald Ward is awaiting trial for guns and drug charges. He told us his daughter is only four. “But it’s amazing what she understands. She understand that Daddy did something wrong, ” he says.

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  • Resa

    I didn’t want to post anything, because people are always making something beautiful into something ugly with hateful posts. I want to say that this made me cry. It was beautiful on several levels: 1- mothers allowed their daughters to have a relationship with their dads, even though they are in jail; 2- genuine love between the father and child; 3- sadness that so many of our men are incarcerated.

  • Nisha

    This is good that the sheriff did this so that the ones out in the world now still free will think twice and maybe stop for the sake of their children before its to late. Everyone makes mistakes and those little girls most definitely should not be punished. Go Sheriff your a GOOD MAN, for what you have done.