Zimmerman Lawyer’s Daughter Allegedly Posts ‘We Beat Stupidity Celebration’ Photo On Instagram

Source: Matt Wilstein / Mediaite

The defense lawyer who opened the George Zimmerman murder trial with a knock-knock joke has found himself in a sticky situation Friday after apparently taking a “selfie” photo was his daughtersRachel and Molly West that was later posted to Instagram. Don West appears in a photo on the account of someone with the user name “mollywestttt” with the caption “We beat stupidity celebration cones … #zimmerman #defense #dadkilledit.” The implication is that West and his daughter were celebrating week one of the trial with ice cream cones.

ABC’s Miami affiliate Local 10 has been on the case, using their dedicated Zimmerman Twitter account to give updates on the unusual photo. The station indicated that West would likely issue a statement on the photo but as of Friday evening, that had not happened. They did point out that the tie in the Instagram photo matches the one West wore on the first day of the trial, Monday.

Along with the knock-knock joke, for which West later apologized, the photo appears to be another example of the defense attorney’s tendency to make light of a trial that most of the people involved seem to be taking very seriously. Is another apology on the way?

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  • Unae

    So sad. A barely 17 year old is dead simply because someone thought he was a criminal based on their warped perspective. Hope you find joy in the death of Trayvon. SMDH. Even if you believe Zimmerman, let’s feel for the humanity of this young man. He’s dead. Executed without due process.

  • Tyrone


    Trayvon Martin is DEAD! His crime walking while BLACK!! George Zimmerman his murderer is alive telling his version of the events leading up to him murdering a unarmed child! What no one has heard is : Why was Trayvon Martin suspicious in the eyes of George Zimmerman? Zimmerman never said why he called Trayvon Martin someone he never met a asshole? Zimmerman never said why he called Trayvon a Fu$ken Punk? Someone he never met!!! Zimmerman stated to the dispatcher about Trayvon that “they always get away! THEY WHO? He never ever met Trayvon Martin EVER!

    George Zimmerman never explain when confronted by Trayvon (Zimmerman version). Zimmerman never identify himself as the Watch Captain for the gated community. If all Zimmerman was doing is following chasing a suspicious person. Why didn’t he say to Trayvon Im the Watch Captain just making sure the safety of the community ! CAN I HELP YOU! Because clearly Zimmerman saw Trayvon can of tea and bag of candy and Trayvon’s cell phone!

    QUESTION: When Tracy Martin Trayvon’s father called the police reporting his son missing. Why had the police not checked Trayvon Martin cell phone and identify Trayvon? QUESTION: Did Zimmerman rape Trayvon Martin. Was Trayvon tested for rape? QUESTION: Did George Zimmerman rob Trayvon Martin? QUESTION: Did George Zimmerman confront and attack other black males that night that cause his injury? QUESTION: Did Zimmerman cause his injury to justify murdering an UNARMED teen? QUESTION: Did Zimmerman relative cause his injury to justify murdering the UNARMED teen?

    QUESTION: Why is the media not questioning why Zimmerman called Trayvon a asshole and Fu$ken Punk? QUESTION: Did the owners of the gated community inform the residents that George Zimmerman was patrolling their neighborhood with a gun? QUESTION: Did the owners of the gated community know Zimmerman was a self appointed Watch Captain? QUESTION: Prior to killing Trayvon how many people did Zimmerman follow or found suspicious AND call police? QUESTION: Did all the people Zimmerman call the police on and thought suspicious black and males?


    QUESTION: Why does the media not question why Republican Governors feel the need to have a “Stand Your Ground Laws”? QUESTION: QUESTION: WHERE IS THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT when it come to the “Stand Your Ground Laws?


    The” Stand Your Ground Laws” makes “Child Killers” and “Contract Killers” legal and puts American citizen in danger! All the murderer has to say is “Self Defense” and I was standing my ground! In the States that “Stand Your Ground” or “Make my Day laws” are law homicide has gone up!


    Trayvon Martin never had a chance at life because of George Zimmerman deep hatred for black males!!!! Seeing all black males as suspicious!!!