Zimmerman Speech Expert: Trayvon Martin’s Scream On 911 Call Is ‘Imaginary Stuff’

Source: Evan McMurry / Mediaite

A recorded scream was at the center of an unusual Saturday court hearing in the George Zimmerman pre-trial, with speech experts differing over whether it was Trayvon Martinwho could be heard in the background of a 911 call.

Earlier this week, voice forensic experts testified that the voice belongs to Martin, who would have been screaming just before Zimmerman shot him; one of the analysts claimed that Martin could be heard saying, “I’m begging you.” The identification was made by comparing the audio to other recordings of Martin’s voice.

But on Saturday, ZImmerman’s attorney called speech scientist George Doddington, who said, “That’s imaginary stuff,” and labeled the earlier experts’ methods “absurd.”

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  • Pamela McClair

    Why would Zimmerman been screaming when he had the gun?

  • John Vaughn

    The biggest set-back for “Snake Oil” O’Mara, right now, is that he could’nt get the “Motion To Delay” on the table. While this series of merits to the case may seem all important, for him it’s a stall tactic.

    This case(for the Prosecution)is the opposite of what they would normally be handling at trial, especially since it concerns so many(SYG, Murder, some degree[s]of manslaughter, etc.)elements to lean on, and there is the spectrum of public opinion/scrutiny, Black vs White.

    I’m waiting for the time when the questions of GZ’s medical state on that evening comes into question since he was ingesting prescribed doses of Adderal and why more attention was not paid to that point during the police inquiry…..Web site opinions are in the millions by now, and O’Mara is paying close attention to each and every one. Ergo, all the Motions for this, that and the other items. But hey, he’s doing what he can before the money train gets any slower, as the site is not taking in near as much as in the beginning.