6 Current Players Join NCAA Lawsuit (VIDEO)

Source: Tom Farrey / ESPN

Led by a pair of Arizona Wildcats, six current college football players from major programs joined a federal antitrust lawsuit against the NCAA on Thursday, significantly raising the stakes in a court battle that challenges the economic model of big-time college sports.

The players are Arizona linebacker Jake Fischer and kicker Jake Smith, Vanderbilt linebacker Chase Garnham, Clemson cornerback Darius Robinson, and Minnesota tight end Moses Alipate and wide receiver Victor Keise.

By adding their names to a highly contentious lawsuit originally filed in 2009 by former UCLA basketball player Ed O’Bannon, the players — all from college football’s largest conferences — enhance the chances that damages in the suit could reach into the billions of dollars.

The O’Bannon complaint alleges the NCAA, EA Sports and Collegiate Licensing Co., the nation’s leading trademark and licensing firm, violated antitrust laws.

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