ABC’s Dan Abrams Predicts Acquittal In Zimmerman Trial: ‘I Don’t See How The Jury Convicts’ (VIDEO)

Source: Evan McMurry / Mediaite

ABC Chief Legal Affairs Anchor and Mediaite founder Dan Abrams told Good Morning America on Saturday that the prosecution in the Zimmerman trial had failed to make its case for convicting George Zimmerman beyond a reasonable doubt, and that the jury had little legal basis to anything but acquit.

“The prosecution’s case is now in,” Abrams said. “They’ve presented all of their evidence. I do not see how the jury, as a legal matter, convicts of either second degree murder or manslaughter.”

“Now, that does not mean that George Zimmerman was justified,” Abrams said, “it does not mean that George Zimmerman was right. It means that when the prosecution has the burden to prove this case beyond a reasonable doubt—meaning, they have the responsibility to disprove self-defense beyond a reasonable doubt—it is hard to imagine that of all the witnesses we’ve seen, that there is not reasonable doubt as to that.”

The prosecution rested late last week, at which point the defense called for the case to be thrown out, a request which was not granted.

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  • Barbara Wells

    Roland, I am bracing myself for an acquittal I know they are justifying it in their minds. I don’t care that their are mother’s on that jury. People like George Zimmerman don’t consider us or our children to be human. If he get’s convicted he will appeal so either way it goes he is going to get off.

  • tiztiz

    So a young man who was just minding his BUSINESS – wasn’t bothering anyone. He gets GUNNED down and Dan Abrams says “. I do not see how the jury, as a legal matter, convicts of either second degree murder or manslaughter.”

    So i ask you all – what’s the next DAMN move…WOW!

  • Nikke0208

    I’m bracing myself for an acquittal, as well. The prosecutors did a poor job presenting the case to the jury. They didn’t prepare the witnesses and basically lined the witnesses up for the defense. I didn’t have one proud moment watching the prosecutors. It’s a sad day in America when a young man is gunned down for absolutely nothing. Trayvon Martin is the Emmitt Till of 2012.

  • tracy simms

    well there is always a civil trial so all that money he is raising will go to the family …plus any future money he and his family earns but why make a prediction right now anyway?? I am no attorney but wait until all the sides do their part!

    • bsasser2

      He can file bankruptcy and not have to pay a dime. He’s going to be running low on money after paying for this lawyer and if it goes to civil court he will have to pay for another high prifule lawyer and will more than likely be broke. So what good does it do to fill a civil suit.

    • Paul Bodnick

      His law team is first in line

  • Lila Morant

    I’ve read some of the comments and I am inclined to agree with Nikki 0208; Trayvon Martin is the Emmitt Till of 2012. To say this, exemplifies that this country is NOWHERE it should be as a nation. Granted we have grown, but we should be head and shoulders above where we are now. This young boy was unarmed and being followed by a man who was told by the POLICE to NOT follow or pursue. That was Zimmerman’s first infraction; then he brandished a weapon that he so conveniently had a license for. He ensues in a leg race with this young man and starts the fight that ultimately ended this young man’s life with a gunshot to the chest; infraction two. No I don’t agree that Zimmerman should get 1st degree murder, because I don’t think he went into that fight on the pretense that he was going to kill someone that night, but the fact that he did, he must pay restitution. I think he should go to jail for manslaughter, at the very least. The state of Florida should be ashamed of themselves with this old antiquated law, “stand your ground”. This is not the old west; they should be facing some federal charges for being allowed to have such a profane law on the books and in existence in 2013.