Al Sharpton Discusses Plans To Pursue Civil Rights Charges Against Zimmerman: Martin Family Always Had A ‘Plan B’

Source: Evan McMurry / Mediaite

Al Sharpton told Meet the Press host David Gregory Sunday morning about his plans to pursue civil rights charges against George Zimmerman, following the latter’s acquittal Saturday night for the murder of Trayvon Martin.

“Clearly there are grounds for a civil rights charges,” Sharpton told Gregory.

Sharpton, a key figure in metastasizing the shooting into a national issue in March of 2012, said he and Martin’s family had planned from the beginning to ask for a federal investigation if Zimmerman was let go.

“The mother and father of Trayvon Martin and I with their lawyers met with the U.S. attorneys in Florida, the day I went down to organize the first rally there,” Sharpton said. “We always said there needed to be a Plan B, but there needed to be a Plan A.”

“I watched the whole trial, and no one can say what Trayvon Martin did wrong,” Sharpton argued. “‘They always get away with it,’ the gentleman said. Who is they getting away with what? That’s the basis of a civil rights trial.”

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  • SouthwestQue

    George Zimmermans’ family exist in a fantasy world where they can kill a human being and convince themselves that they are the true victims. The Zimmermans appear to be dysfunctional and have trained their children to believe in their own self importance and to look down at blacks, although none of them are super achievers. Personally I feel that a lukewarm effort was made by the state. What happened to Angela Corey, the state prosecutor?? Why did Trayvon seem to get the amateurs? I guess she was guarding her career. Why Zimmerman father and brother are making class-less stereotypical comments about blacks, the State of Florida is busily pretending, along with Zimmermans’ attorney, that race has nothing to do with this case. Really?

    As far as Trayvon Martin’s family suing the Zimmermans, I would like to see the fact that George Zimmerman was on Adderall (dexamphetamine-speed) and a valium-based sleep med to slow him down at night investigated. I want to know if George Zimmerman was on Adderall when he assaulted the policeman, when he was involved in a domestic abuse incident and when he killed Trayvon Martin. Adderall cause aggression and irritability in many of it’s users.

  • Amina1956

    Trayvon yells “Get off” soon after GZ asks him. “What are you doing around here?” Sounds like he initiated the fight, so why did the jury ignore this fact ??