‘Best Friend’ Testifies He Urged Zimmerman To Carry Gun Because ‘The Police Aren’t Always There’ (VIDEO)

Source: Matt Wilstein /  Mediaite

George Zimmerman‘s self-described “best friend” took the stand today for the prosecution and during cross-examination by the defense revealed that he was the one who compelled the defendant to carry a concealed weapon. “Anybody who is a non-convicted felon should carry a firearm,” Mark Osterman declared, because “the police aren’t always there.”

Osterman, who has worked in law enforcement since 1992, said that Zimmerman came to him and asked whether he should purchase a gun. “He asked whether he should or shouldn’t to start with. And I recommended he should, that anybody who is a non-convicted felon should carry a firearm.”

“That’s your, sort of, life philosophy?” defense attorney Mark O’Mara asked, “being armed is better than not being armed?”

“The police aren’t always there,” Osterman replied. With his help, Zimmerman and his wife both received firearms training and receiving concealed weapons permits. Before moving forward with his cross-examination, O’Mara asked if Osterman’s close relationship with the defendant would affect his testimony at all. “Well, not as far as the truth is,” he answered.

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