Bill Cosby Says You Can’t Prove George Zimmerman Is Racist

Source: Dylan Stableford / Yahoo! News

Bill Cosby weighed in on George Zimmerman’s acquittal on Thursday, telling a Virginia radio show that the prosecution did not do a good job presenting its case for second-degree murder in the killing of Trayvon Martin.

“The prosecution did not tell the story well and they lost,” Cosby said in an interview with the DomNnate Radio Show. “If you’re a lawyer and I’m a lawyer and I’m going up against you and we both have to talk to a jury, we present our story and I think if I don’t present the story well enough, that you will win.”

The 76-year-old comedian was then asked if he thought if racial profiling was used in Zimmerman’s pursuit of Martin.

“Let me just tell you this man,” Cosby said. “See this racial stuff goes into a whole bunch of discussion which has stuff that you can’t prove. You can’t prove that somebody is a racist unless they come out and do the act that is found to be that.”

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  • Sade Angel Daniels

    Soooo randomly following a teenager in a hoodie because they look ‘suspicious’ isn’t a possible ‘act’ of racism?? OK..

    • Christy Ann Mizelle


    • Christopher Ryan Marrero

      No one said it isn’t a “possible act” of racism, it’s racial profiling, sure. But to flat out say the man is racist can’t be proven. What point isn’t being understood here?

      • marcello

        Exactly. Many who says “You can’t prove this or that” forget immediately what they just said. What we know is – there’s a neighborhood watch guy who watches someone in his neighborhood, which has been burglarized many times recently. He calls 9-11 and reports. So far so good. He’s asked details, he gives them as best he can. He knows this is recorded. He wants to be a cop some day, no room for error. He’s gotta do this by the book. The more questions he’s asked by 9-11, the more he can’t stop thinking: “Man, where are the cops, he’s going to get away! AGAIN!” He says as much. At this point, we do have a profile on the part of Zimmerman. Trayvon is now a suspect already, according to George, he fits the profile of all those suspects previously identified as thieves.

        Now he’s tempted to maybe make a citizen’s arrest. ERROR! Trayvon isn’t an immediate threat, maybe he’s acting suspicious in a way that has nothing to do with burglary. Maybe he’s talking to himself… George calls him up, Trayvon gets upset and walks on him. ERROR! Trayvon is a big guy and thinks he get beat that guy up? I don’t know. Nobody knows what brought them on the ground, but there they are. George is having his butt kicked in a royal fashion.

        Now, it appears T reached for G’s gun. ERROR! Once you do that, you are the one bringing the gun to the fight. How did he know G had a gun? I can’t answer that either. G decides he’s not going to be killed by his own gun when all he’s trying to do is protect his neighborhood. In a second, two people making bad decisions will meet their fate. Trial ensues, jury of sympathetic Moms finds there isn’t enough evidence to accuse G of murder or manslaughter. Whether happy or shocked, that is the justice system. Oh wait: what’s the noise? Racists in the media coming out of the closet trying to grow their hate base.

        Nobody’s happy, but people, respect the verdict. SINCE WE DON’T KNOW EVERYTHING THAT HAPPEN!

    • KB

      no…being a person in a watch position– as part of the neighborhood watch–he was watching a teen in a hoodie acting in a manner he found suspicious….last time i checked, teenagers and hoodies aren’t races so it can’t be racist….everyone who’s all upset is ASSUMING he was following a suspicious acting teen in a hoodie simply because he was a black teen. Sadly, you nor the prosecution is/was able to prove that. Why is it only racist if a non-black person does something to a black person? How’s this…if everyone stops acting like an @ss then maybe none of this would happen in the first place….violence only begets violence…hate only begets hate…so maybe…just MAYBE —peace can beget peace and love will beget love…give it try ya’ll…love thy neighbor as thyself…don’t let the actions of others decide your future…rise above the bad don’t become part of the sterotype.

  • Christy Ann Mizelle

    he should have never kept following him period!~!!!!!!!

    • Carlos Morales

      He (being Martin) should never assume he can break the law, assault someone, and not face serious bodily harm or death for his poor judgement

      • tiztiz

        Carlos u r a DAMN FOOL- the only law that was broken was ZIMMERMAN – when he was instructed – not to following this individual.
        Just remember u FOOL – that could have easily been u – being followed by ZIMMERMAN.

        The same thing would have applied to u – DO NOT FOLLOW THIS INDIVIDUAL!!

        • Carlos Morales

          TizTiz, it could never be me because I would not assault someone for following me in a public place. And Zimmerman broke NO LAW. A n operator has no authority to make laws. If you want to follow someone in the street, go ahead. Even if an operator tells you “we don’t need you to do that” (after he was out of the car by the way, but don’t let a little something called facts bother you). Follow me if you want, just don’t start beating my head into the cement. Let’s concentrate on teaching our kids right from wrong and stop making it seem like Trayvon did the right thing. He didn’t. Would you tell your kids if an adult is walking behind you jump him and beat the cr@& out of him. I would say walk to someone else and tell them what is happening. Teach our children not to turn to violence and we will go to the Lord before the children, as it should be.

          • tiztiz

            Believe what u want CARLOS MORALES. Cops shoot people to sometimes for no damn reason.
            What i do know is this – and i know this is hard for u to see it. A young 17 yr old man who was minding his business is DEAD-PERIOD!.

            Because ZIMMERMAN (a wanna be cop) took matters in his own hands that night.
            Oh and lets not forget what he said (these so&so always get away) away from WHAT – only this wanna be cop knows that answer.

            Teaching kids not to turn to VIOLENCE is a good one indeed.
            But teaching SOCIETY not to turn to VIOLENCE based on a SUSPICION – well that’s a bigger TASK..

            Also, the WEAK PROSECUTION TEAM did a terrible job..

          • Carlos Morales

            Hey Tiz: A young man is dead, this we agree on. Were he minding his own business he would not be dead. Were he to walk home, or walk to someone else and say he was being followed, or call the police, he would still be alive. In a way Trayvon was the vigilante in that he felt it was wrong that someone was following him (an act that is totally legal) and he…Trayvon… was going to do something about it, namely assault Zimmerman (an illegal act)/
            As for Zimmerman being a wanna be cop, so what? I would rather my son want to be a cop vs a thug. As for what was said that night, Trayvon some “a creepy as cracker was following him”. Zimmerman said :these a$$ho+_* always get away”. It would seem Trayvons statement was the more racial comment.
            Zimmerman did not initiate an act of violence based on a suspicion. Je followed someone he felt was suspicious, as he was a neighborhood watch person/ Let’s start teaching our kids that what Trayvon did was wrong. Let’s teach our kids not to attack, hit, assault anyone who is not physically attacking them. The life of my kids are way to important for me to tell them Trayvon had no part in what happened that night. He was totally innocent UP TOP THE POINT when he physically hit Zimmerman, initiating the altercation.

  • Maxurbn

    Cosby go somewhere and just retire…

  • shelly jackson

    As I watched the trial, it was obvious the prosecution really did not want to win this case.