Brooke Harris, Teacher Fired Over Trayvon Martin Fundraiser, Facing Termination At New EAA School

Rebecca Klein / The Huffington Post

Brooke Harris is no stranger to causing controversy in schools.

Last year, the teacher was fired from her job at Pontiac Academy for Excellence in Pontiac, Mich., after she helped students facilitate a fundraiser for the family of Trayvon Martin. Now she is facing termination from Detroit’s Mumford High School after being accused of helping students organize a walkout over the school’s policies.

While officials at Mumford High School have not commented on the specifics of the matter, Harris tells The Huffington Post she was not in town while the walkout took place and had nothing to do with the incident. Instead, she says she believes she is being punished for her involvement in a controversial student club and for publicly speaking out against the Education Achievement Authority (EAA), the body that runs the high school.

The EAA is a new, independent entity with the mandate of taking over, and turning around, some of the state’s lowest performing schools. With non-unionized teachers and powerful principals, the idea is that by having less bureaucracy, EAA schools will be able to funnel more resources directly into the classroom. Many in the education world are closely watching to see if the reform district will succeed.

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