Charles Barkley ‘Agrees’ With Zimmerman Verdict, Hits Media For Giving ‘Racists’ A ‘Platform To Vent Ignorance’

Source: Matt Wilstein / Mediaite

NBA legend Charles Barkley appeared on CNBC’sClosing Bell with Maria Bartiromo Thursday afternoon and shared his incredibly diplomatic views on George Zimmerman‘s acquittal. “I agree with the verdict,” Barkley told Bartiromo. “I’m sorry that young kid got killed, but they didn’t have enough evidence to charge him.”

Barkley admitted that he did see some “racial profiling” in the case, but said “something happened that changed the dynamic that night.” He recognized what he was saying was “probably not a popular opinion among most people,” but “looking at the evidence” he said he agreed with the jury’s decision.

He also called out the media for not having a “pure heart” when it comes to race. “Racism is wrong in any, shape or form,” Barkley said. “A lot of black people are racist too. I think sometimes when people talk about racism, they say only white people are racist, but I think black people are too. I don’t think the media has clean hands.”

Despite Zimmerman’s “racial profiling,” in Barkley’s assessment, “Trayvon Martin, God rest his soul, he did flip the switch and start beating the hell out of Mr. Zimmerman.” He added that he “feels bad” that the trial gave “every white person and black person who is racist the platform to vent their ignorance. That’s the thing that bothered me the most. I watched this trial closely. I watched these people on television talking about it. A lot of these people have a hidden agenda. They want to have their racist views, whether they are white or black… They’re biases come out.”

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  • Karen

    Opinions are like arseholes everybody has one.

    • Eric Storey

      I use to be a. Fan of Charles Barkley, I will never watch him again on TNT .

  • Georgette Lane

    Charles Barkley…STFU !!!!! How dare you as a Black man, defend that Racial Profiling Child Murderer. Someone needs to educate you or you are in Denial, about all the Racial Profiling Black People face Daily. I’m Ashamed of You.

    • Carlos Morales

      Somehow I do not think Barkley will lose any sleep over you being ashamed of him.

  • Middlefingerup

    Charles is a racist himself against his own race.!!!

    • Kwame Boss

      Have you seen his wife lol, She looks like HIS GRANDMOTHER

  • Get Real

    Georgette Lane: so if a white dude is slamming your head against the pavement, you’d let him do it? Or would you defend yourself by any means necessary?

    • Just saying2333

      Yeah, slammed head on pavement leaves a lot more than a couple scratches. And unless GZ is a pile of pudding, Trayvon should have had some defensive wounds. The evidence does not add up.

      • Will

        no he shouldnot have the fence was because he was winning the fight from the beginning use logic

  • Curtis

    Every Person is entitled to their opinion but in the words of Paul Mooney
    Mr. Charles Barkley you are going to get your ” you a (N) card played ” Because we’ve seen it countless times “we” are not treated fairly in the courtroom or the Media when it comes to matters of justice & fair representation.

    • Carlos Morales

      Hey Curtis. I appreciate you view and am glad you are not spewing made up facts or racist nonsense. Based on your post, I would ask how justice was denied to Trayvon Martin in this case. Keeping in mind we/I only have the info presented in court by both sides. Based on that info, the first law I see broken was the alleged assault on Zimmerman by Martin. Zimmerman may have used bad judgement by getting out or his car, but no law was broken. From the data I see presented, the flash point, that act where a law was broken leading to the shot, was when Trayvon turned, confronted Zimmerman (no law broken yet) and ASSAULTED (law broken) Zimmerman. BAsed on the evidence where was justice denied?

  • Fleiza

    Wow! He give the murderer respect by calling him Mr. Zimmerman and gives the victim no respect by calling him “the kid” WOW!

  • dont understand

    it is very difficult for me to accept that this young man is unarmed and on his way home is shot to death and crazy people is saying it is no ones fault. charles barkley is a fool. hope that happens to his child one day and he get on tv and say that nonsense.

  • Barkley needs to take his big hamburger eating butt and find a golf course while YOU can!!!

  • vanity357

    Barkley has been cooning for a long time. Nothing new.

    • hc89

      Right. Check out his choice for a wife.

      • Carlos Morales

        Oh yeah, look at his wife; she is,,,,,WHITE> I guess all that MLK talk was just a bunch of silliness. Judging a p[erson by their character and not by the color of their skin. You sound like the black verson of a hate group. How dare a Black marry a White? That really upsets you? Are you for keeping the races separate? How about in school as well?

  • Christy Ann Mizelle

    Charles u r a complete asshole…..evidence spoke 4 itself go kill urself

    • Carlos Morales

      Evidence did speak for itself, and the evidence showed Zimmerman did not break any law.

  • Kathy L Furlow

    AND where are your facts that the VICTIM —TRAYVON MARTIN did anything? WHERE is the evidence? Where is the EVIDENCE? Charles made it up, in his head and now he calls his made up story in his head evidence. Nothing supports your reason, NOTHING! You’re guessing that a butt whooping is the only reason Zimmerman shot him! You know that how? I beat a girl up in seventh grade and she looked worse than Zimmerman. We walked home and told our parents afterwards. She started the fight following me home from school. I was minding my own business. I beat the stars out of her, defending myself. When you are getting the pines kicked out of you after following someone not bothering you, YOU DON’t PULL out your GUN and kill the person you stalked! You take you well whooped butt home and wash your face. You SIR Charles are an idiot! And might I add disrespectful!!! You know his parents are grieving a lost and you call him a “kid”. You said you weren’t a role model, clearly you never will be.

    • marcello

      … maybe, except when the person beating you clearly says: You gonna DIE tonight.”

      • Kathy L Furlow

        That would be a statement from the aggressor, murderer, violent wanna be cop! Thanks we heard it already! And you believed him. Make sure your keep that in mind if this happens to your kid. OH sorry child.

        • Carlos Morales

          You say “wanna be cop” like it is a bad thing. He wants to be a cop, so what. Better than wanting to be a thug isn’t it? And what is wrong with kid, is that a bad thing to say now?

    • M Lynn MacLean

      If you had beat the stars out of a girl who had a gun, you most likely wouldn’t be here today. By the way, just what DOES “wet grass” SOUND like??

      • Kathy L Furlow

        That crap wouldn’t work in my state or my neighborhood.

    • Carlos Morales

      And you own the street? You decide the girl could not follow you on a public street? Maybe now before assaulting someone who YOU decide did not have the right to walk behind you on a public road, perhaps now you will think that maybe your stupidity and idiotic action of assaulting that girl may wind up in your getting shot. What a lack of civility. You don’t just go around beating people. YOU DON’T BEAT THE STARS out of someone because they followed you in the street. You fail to grasp basic civilized behavior and norms. The girl walking behind you was within her rights to do so. You had no right to assault her. Trayvon, foolishly, felt he had the right to assault Zimmerman, and it got him killed. Perhaps you should stop the silly banter that it is ok to assault someone.

      • Daphne Taylor

        You are not the voice of all Hispanics you sound dumb, your making us Hispanics look bad..,take several seats and open a book to learn the law…he was the aggressor when he decided to profile approach and follow even after being told not to do so…

        • Carlos Morales

          I’m not the voice of all Hispanics? Never thought I was. Wouldn’t think anyone could be the voice of all anything. As for taking several seats (hey I man need to lose a few pounds but that wasn’t necessary) to learn the law, I guess everyone including the FBI and even the AG of the US Holder (who has not and will not press charges against Zimmerman) need to learn the law as no one is saying there is any proof this was a case of racial profiling. As a side note, if Hispanic teen males have been stealing cars in a parking lot, and one night a guard sees an Hispanic teen male he does not recognize walking through/around the parking lot does he have the right to keep an eye on that teen? If he does, would the teen have the right to beat the cr@& out of the guard for watching him?

      • Kathy L Furlow

        Just so you know!!!! She hit me twice maybe three times before I even hit her BACK! We had actually been friends. I asked, basically pleaded with her not to go there, but she continued to assault me. I was defense. DEFENSE which I was entitled to. Geeesh another person making up what they have no clue about. You hear a piece, a small snippet of info and you go in. So now who’s the idiot. Just because I didn’t tell the whole story doesn’t mean you know it.

  • Scorpio_girl

    Did anybody expect anything different form ole Bark….Typical!!!! He knows if GZ would of walked up on him and not identify himself and tried to detain him; he would of knocked him out in one blow and continue walking home.

    • Carlos Morales

      Do you just make up a fantasy world to live in? Now you have Zimmerman detaining Martin. Even Trayvons girlfriend said she heard Trayvon initiate contact. Zimmerman may or may not have been following Martin; doesn’t matter at all. It is not illegal to follow someone. It is illegal to assault someone. Before you get all hyped up and start hooting about “knocking out in one blow” think about the potential consequence of assaulting someone. The aggressor just may wind up shot dead.

  • JTS

    Who cares what Barkleys got to say! he always had a comment but he never won a ring, so who care what he has to say, he’s just jumping on the band wagon because that’s what losers do! try to rise off a lie! he don’t know what happen but he can voice his low life low blow to the family opinion! F- Charles and his opinion.

  • Kwame Boss

    I had respect for him until now. How can you sit there and say Travon was hitting him? were you there Mr. Barkley or is it because you are married to one of them. Go sit somewhere. Shame on you.

    • Carlos Morales

      Wow, attack Barkley for being married to “one of them”. Your attitude and the behavior that comes along with such ignorance is what leads to the death of people such as trayvon martin. People think he had the right to physically attack a person because someone may have been following him. Walking behind someone is not against the law. Physically assaulting someone is. Then you get upset when Zimmerman defends himself. Of course you believe it is fine for a black to physically assault an Hispanic with no repercussion. There are consequences for breaking the law. Before you go and start beating on someone you call a creepy a$$ cracker, consider he may defend himself. Had Trayvon been educated and taught that you can not break the law and physically attack someone he would still be alive today. Keep spewing your racist hatred, telling young blacks it is ok to assault someone who is not breaking the law and more black youth will be at risk of being hurt.

      • Kwame Boss

        Mr. Carlos, go eat a burrito. Why did Z follow him? Would you like it if a stranger tiptoed behind you? you don’t know what happened that night, neither do I. Your mental state proves how ignorant you are for thinking it’s right to kill a kid. He could have shot him anywhere but he aimed to kill and if you think this right, then something is wrong with you.

        • Carlos Morales

          Wow Kwame. Your postings show you are either an 8 year old or someone who has not progressed past the mental abilities of an 8 year old. Telling me to “go eat a burrito”. Perhaps we should lower your intellect to a 5 year old. As for any intelligent content in your post, well there appears to be none. Now Zimmerman should have aimed to wound Martin? If someone that is being attacked is able to calmly and effectively aim to hit their attacker in a leg, they have no need to shoot. You are watching too many cartoons.

        • Carlos Morales

          Would I like being followed by the likes of Kwame late at night in a dark parking lot…no. Would that give me the right to break the law and attack Kwame,….no. Use some sense. If it is late at night and there are a group of teen males hanging out in a dark parking lot or walking behind me through that lot, I may be concerned, worried, but I do not have the right to attack them. Let the hysteria die down, and even you will see the lack of sense in your postings. Another point, if Trayvon was this frightened little boy, would he attack Zimmerman or quickly walk to a place of safety. He was not some cornered uncivilized animal. It seems he was far from frightened, though we can not prove that. What the evidence does show is that he attacked Zimmerman, thus being the one who initiated the sequence of events that transpired that night.

      • Daphne Taylor

        Wow I see you know nothing of Trayvon and educated he was on the honor roll…lol…had gotten excepted to colleges and hadn’t graduated yet…you walk in the pitch black and there is someone following you whom you don’t know and then they approach you…hell you are probably going to fight out of fear especially since it was proving that there was no way Zimmerman pulled his gun out after but before they even hit the ground…and his story does not correlate with him being beat down… Killing an unarmed just barely 17 year old child based on his profiling, and assumption is totally wrong…

        • Carlos Morales

          What difference does it make if he was accepted to Harvard on scholarship? You can not physically assault someone. As for it being proven Zimmerman could not have pulled his gun while Trayvon was on top of him, I saw and read the opposite from the trial. Everything in his story as well as the witnesses allow for what Zimmerman said to be true. If anything comes from this tragedy it is people should not turn to violence.

  • Earlene

    I think Mr Barkley is out of his mine hit to many times with the basketball

  • Nakita

    Shut up Charles Barkley

  • BetterThanYou

    Nothing but ignorant racists commenting in this thread. You should all be ashamed of yourselves for not being civilized. You are all the ignorant people he was referring to. You always have to find something to make it about race. Way to go, wall of useless black people..

    • Scorpio_girl

      It’s civilized to kill innocent kids and have no conscience about it??? Now who is the racist???

    • Independent-thinker.

      Calling ppl useless? Really??? Thank goodness God has a better perspective. There is nothing useless about God’s creation. Believe that!!!!

    • DBXXL

      Ok white supremacist….someone who characterizes, stereotypes, generalizes, and uses demeaning language….yep you should be ashamed of yourself however folks who are racists never bare any shame. Racism exists no matter how much you deny it. And you are just another one of those folks who pretends to be superior but are barely literate.. smh ha!

  • leon clark

    Blacks can never be RACIST Charles Barkley…RACISM is POWER + BIAS + RACE…THOSE Three…Now Black as well as whites develop BIASes through your parents, media, movies, and life experience, etc. which give you those views however WRONG they might be…ALSO because you are BIAS it doesnt make you a RACIST unless the three POWER + BIAS + any order…..

    • Independent-thinker.

      I agree. One has to be in a position to have power and/or be able to oppress. I don’t see any Black ppl largely owning corporations, real estate, banking business, educational institutions, etc. Yes, progress has been made, but not to the extent that an individual can call Blacks racists. Maybe you can say Black’s can stereotype, i.e. assuming all whites can’t dance or all Asian’s can’t drive. There can be Blacks who are prejudiced, i.e. thinking negative about a person before knowing them, but Racist? Nah…not buying that one. There’s just not a group of Blacks not allowing ppl to buy property, refusing to give a fair loan, not hiring on the basis of race to the point that it’s an issue….sorry, Charlie do your research before trying to make such a blanket statement about a race you don’t really seem to fully identify with.

    • Thank you!!!! So many people do not understand that only the race in power can be racist. Everyone else is just prejudice, which means very little without the power to back it up with policies and laws and economics!!!


    Charles Barkley gets it wrong once again. There was more than enough evidence to convict however they admit by Jury selection alone they lost the case. We need to understand the law doesn’t require crap….the facts you find require you to do something. Then the facts apply to the law to dictate the verdict. Manslaughter was an easy slam dunk however a jury that sympathized with a fairer assailant sealed that deal. I don’t think it even mattered if the Prosecution had done better….Juror B37 let that be known. notwithstanding they all had unsupervised visits and long list of breaches in that trial…

    Long story short…..folks always want to pull the law but if it were their child…hmm hypocrisy…

    Charles Barkley should shut up. he didn’t want to be a role model so stop trying to act like an intellectual and an authority on race of which he’s nothing close. He barely color commentates properly…smh ha!