Chicago Public Schools Recently-Doled Out ‘Additional’ Budget Funds Mostly Benefited North Side: Analysis

Source: The Huffington Post

A new analysis shows state money recent doled out by the Chicago Public Schools district to hard-hit neighborhood schools overwhelmingly went to schools on the North Side.

The district recently distributed “give-back” funds of $35,000, $70,000 or $100,000 to 135 elementary schools to help ease the blow of deep budget cuts.

Here’s the breakdown of how the $8.8 million in “give-back” funds were distributed, per the Sun-Times’ analysis:

  • 62 North Side schools are receiving $4.47 million, or an average of $72,000 per school
  • 55 South Side schools are sharing $3.265 million, or about $59,300 per school
  • 18 West Side schools are getting $1.065 million, or about $59,100 a school

While funds went to overwhelmingly North Side schools, the Sun-Times notes the ZIP code getting the most money — receiving $515,000 — was on the West Side in North Lawndale.

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