Doctor Says He Told AEG Exec That Michael Jackson Was A Drug Addict

Source: Jeff Gottlieb / Los Angeles Times

A doctor who traveled on Michael Jackson’s 1993 worldwide “Dangerous” tour testified that he gave the singer a shot of Demerol and a 24-hour intravenous morphine drip while they were in Thailand and that he told a ranking AEG executive that the singer was a drug addict.

Dr. Stuart Finklestein, who testified via a video deposition that was played for jurors Monday, said he was a long-time friend of Paul Gongaware, who was tour manager of the “Dangerous” concerts and is one of the defendants in the wrongful death suit brought by Jackson’s mother and three children.

The testimony came in the 43rd day of the wrongful-death trial, a case that seeks to put blame for Jackson’s death of entertainment titan and two music industry executives.

Finklestein is now an addiction specialist, but when he went on tour with Jackson his job was to minister to the crew. He said the first time he met Jackson was when he was called to his hotel room, where the singer appeared to be in pain. Finklestein said he was put on the phone with Allan Metzger, the singer’s doctor in Los Angeles. Metzger told him that Jackson had a severe headache and that he should administer pain medication.

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  • ultravioletrae

    Readers are going to be so confused by the language “the singer was a drug addict.” This doesn’t begin to accurately represent the testimony offered, regarding pain management and why Jackson was being treated for pain.

  • juneyny

    The doctor was referring to 1993, twenty years ago, shame on the writer for this misleading title to his article. Michael self-reported this “dependency” on national television in 1993 and the fact that he was being treated. According to this doctor, then perhaps diabetics on prescribed control medications should be considered “drug addicts”. SMH…..