Dwyane Wade To Pay Ex-Wife $5 Million In Divorce Settlement

Source:  Mitch Dudek / Chicago Sun-Times

Basketball superstar Dwyane Wade will pay his former high school sweetheart, Sioh­vaughn Funches-Wade, $5 million in a divorce settlement that a judge decided was valid on Monday.

The settlement also includes a “non-disparage” agreement in which each party must refrain from making disparaging remarks about the other.

Funches-Wade also will receive the couples’ former mansion in South Holland and four cars.

Brian Hurst, an attorney for Funches-Wade, argued that his client never fully agreed to all the provisions in the settlement, including the “non-disparage” provision. But Cook County Circuit Court Judge John Thomas Carr decided both parties did agree on the deal and he found the settlement valid, effectively ending a six-year divorce proceeding that has drawn national attention.

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  • CityGirl

    She needs to get a job – it’s over.

    • Bee Rash

      Exactly, that’s what she needs, some of these nasty women are so stupid, it has become a career these days. Have as many kids are you can the child support will be flowing…they really piss me off.

  • nappylogic

    She’s Homeless, but has a new weave……………..

    • Bee Rash

      LoL, you just made my night…

  • disqus_vwtwJwBLkO

    Im so happy for her. I beleive her story from the beginning all the while Wade tried to make himself look good in the court of public opinion. I didn’t fall for it and glad his ex-wife spoke up for herself and got what was due to her.
    Wade, should know karma will come knocking for him and his garden tool.

  • misslourde

    No, Dwyane Wade needs to make sure she’s taken care of. And make sure she can see her kids ~ he needs to give her kids back to her. I hate when men do this.

    • pjones2293

      you’re out of your mind. Why should he give her kids back to her? Last I heard they were HIS kids too. This broad sitting on street corners hollering about she homeless. She’s trash. You said, “I hate when men do this”. You’re clearly out of your effin mind!

      • misslourde

        oh darling, what planet do you live on? who raised you?

        • BimYAad

          wow..a grown women ready to deflect to a mans upbringing…NO CLASS!

          • misslourde

            not quite sure what this means, but if you were referring to me, I have plenty of class sweetie……and I hate trifling whorish men, who really don’t give a flip about their kids, because if they would, they wouldn’t try and keep their mother away from them. and if the check the stats, or your friends…..definitely check your neighborhoods, I’m sure you’ll find the majority of us came from single-female headed households……(this is unfortunately the case)

          • BimYAad

            all that matters is that black woman start respecting themselves and standing firm along side a self respecting man.

      • misslourde

        when did she become trash? really? I don’t think Dwyane ever thought of her as such………why would you refer to her as such? sounds personal ~

    • Kawame Saladin Curry

      Why should he take care of her, they are no longer together, he has no obligation to her, only to his kids. He has custody, so shouldn’t she be paying child support? It’s funny when the man has to pay, you’ll argue they they are both of their kids and he needs to be responsible. But, he has custody and now they are only HER kids. Your hypocrisy is astonishing. Clearly her antics are not in best interest of the children. If she was rich, and it was him on the corner would you be saying the same thing? No need to answer, just think about your bias…..

      • misslourde

        Perhaps there is a bit of bias, I will admit. I just can’t help to take notice of the behavior of, not just Dwyane, but all of these jocks and athletes, and entertainers, who often dismiss their wives, and the mothers of their children, when fame, fortune, golddiggers and hoes get into their b**ds, uh..heads………..I oft take sides with the scorned and ditched woman…….

      • misslourde

        and by the way……….I’m sure parading another woman around his kids is certainly IN the best interest of his kids………gimme a break

  • TstormVA

    Gabrielle Union out to be ashamed of herself.

  • DSmooth

    Whatever…she’s a crazy, delusional, bitter broad – trying to get her 15 minutes of fame – because if she had any kind of sense she would still be with DeWayne & his 90 million dollars!!! DeWayne’s kids are set for life…what about you crazy, delusional, bitter broad & she doesn’t deserve to have custody of those kids until she has a complete & thorough mental evaluation!!! The heifer is throwed…crazy as a crack head on crystal meth!!!

  • Rhonda Payne

    I’m happy for her this is what happens when people have less money justice fails. I’m happy she kept on letting her story be known…

  • Larry Biddle

    Why is she complaining about child support when she doesn’t have custody of the kids? It’s interesting that people want to blame Gabby Union as some home wrecker, while the anonymous dude Mrs. Wade was cheating with and giving Wades’ money too, gets a pass.

    Whatever happened in these people’s marriage, is not for any of us to judge. But when one of the bitter parties acts out for years,both publicly and abusing the court system (switching lawyers at least a half dozen time) they show themselves as completely unstable and not acting in the interest of kids well-being. She clearly should not have the kids, as she has already tried to use them to hurt Wade. Most regular women who do this get away with it. I’m sure i’m not alone in being glad some man has not allowed his wife to get away with that nonsense.

  • BimYAad

    she is manipulator…there was need to be on the street trying embarass her self…she had on new weave fresh nails… the money is for the kids…she is grown woman…she should not be dependent on nobody…sorry that her and Wade didint work out..but for her to beg on the street…she would never talk any guys i know..she has no class…on black woman would do something like that….

  • BimYAad

    Black Women like her are proving more and more to me that there are enemies of the black community