FL House Speaker Weatherford Open To ‘Stand Your Ground’ Change

Source: William March / The Tampa Tribune

TAMPA ­­- State House Speaker Will Weatherford said Tuesday he’s willing to consider legislation changing the state’s “stand your ground” law but first would have to see a consistent, unified message from law enforcement officials on what changes are needed.

Without such a message, Weatherford said, he sees no reason to change the law – and no need for a special session of the Legislature to consider it before the regular session next spring, as some have called for.

“I’m a supporter of ‘stand your ground’?” the Wesley Chapel Republican told The Tampa Tribune editorial board Tuesday, even though he was not yet in the Legislature when the measure passed in 2005.

“I think there’s been some misapplication of the law” because of varying interpretations by judges, Weatherford said. “To me, there’s nowhere in that ‘stand your ground’ law that says the aggressor who physically starts an altercation then has the right to claim self-defense.”

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