George Zimmerman Trial: Prosecutor Says ‘Wrong Assumptions’ And ‘Profiling’ Led To Trayvon’s Death

Source:  Rene Stutzman / Orlando Sentinel

SANFORD — George Zimmerman was a “wannabe cop”  who was tired of the crime in his community and decided he was going to “take care of it” when he spotted Trayvon Martin in his neighborhood on Feb. 26, 2102, prosecutors are arguing to the jury in their closing statement.

Assistant State Attorney Bernie de la Rionda began his closing argument earlier this afternoon, hoping to convince the jury that Zimmerman committed second-degree murder when he shot and killed Trayvon, an unarmed, black  17-year-old.

“A teenager is dead,” de la Rionda began, “because a man made certain assumptions…and because his assumptions were wrong, Trayvon Benjamin Martin no longer walks on this earth.”

De la Rionda described Trayvon as an “innocent 17-year-old kid was profiled as a criminal. To quote the defendant, and pardon my language, he was one of those ‘assholes’ that get away,” de la Rionda said. “…and he wasn’t going to get away this time.”

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