Girl Shot While Riding Scooter In Chicago: ‘What Do You Say To This 4-Year-Old?’

Source: Chicago Tribune

Khalise Weatherspoon, just turned 4, was riding her scooter with other children in the Marquette Park neighborhood when two gunmen stepped out of an alley and opened fire, hitting the little girl in the stomach.

“My grandbaby doesn’t even know what a gun is,” her grandfather Richard Spires said. “I mean, it’s crazy.”

Khalise is the fourth child 7 or younger to be shot and wounded in Chicago this month.

Khalise had been visiting her grandmother and was playing in the front yard of a home near the intersection of 71st and Rockwell streets when shots rang out around 5 p.m Monday, according to Spires and police. A 31-year-old man was also wounded.

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  • VesSouL

    What troubles me the most is that we say we need to stop the violence and yet people within your very household have either been known to or is still committing violent acts. Start STOPPING violence within your home/neighborhood. Be the example. You (as well as I know) who is responsible…those who sit back and allow crime to take care of their problems.