GOP Rep. Tells Party To Tone Down The Anger: Stop ‘Screaming On Fox News Channel All The Time’

Source: Josh Feldman / Mediaite

Fox News is the go-to channel for many Republicans looking to rail against the latest example of President Obama government overreach, but at least one member of the GOP thinks they might want to tone down their message a little. Congressman Adam Kinzinger told a conservative audience at a breakfast today that Republicans need to stop projecting anger and have a message that’s far more hopeful and optimistic.

He told the audience, “To be honest with you, the Republican party has been very angry lately.” And while he certainly shares their anger about issues like Obamacare, he thinks his colleagues are going about it the wrong way.

“When you talk to the American people, and try to bring our vision, that [President Ronald] Reagan vision of a ‘shining city on a hill,’ but you’re doing it screaming on Fox News Channel all the time, screaming and yelling on all these cable news channels and being angry, you’re not drawing Americans.”

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