GOP Smack Talk Tour, Coming Soon To A Town Near You

Source: Jane C. Timm / MSNBC

With Congress recesses in August, House Republicans are heading home armed with a guide on how to best hate on Washington, while positioning themselves as reformers fighting to fix the Capitol.

The guide book, “Fighting Washington for All Americans,” is a media, outreach, and event-planning playbook for smack-talking Capitol Hill to everyone audience—from the conservative nonprofits potentially targeted by the IRS to millennials. It was prepared by the House Republican Conference, chaired by Cathy McMorris Rodgers, a Washington state Republican.

“We’re fighting to fix Washington,” McMorris Rodgers declares in her letter to her colleagues. “During August, I encourage you to echo this message and reaffirm our theme,” she wrote. “For there is no better message than one that puts the American people before an out-of-control government.”

The tour is an “opportunity to have conversations about House Republicans’ alternative plan to Washington Democrat’s overreaching, out-of-control government,” the guide’s sample op-ed writes.

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Fighting Washington for All Americans