‘I’m Deeply Flawed’: Anthony Weiner, AKA ‘Carlos Danger,’ Now Admits Still Sexting

Source: Noah Rothman / Mediaite

Anthony Weiner is a sexual predator luring his victims,” blares the inflammatory headline at the gossip website, TheDirty.com. A new set of images from a chat session in which Weiner engaged in sexually explicit conversations with another woman from last summer threaten to derail Weiner’s campaign for mayor of New York City. In a statement responding to the allegations, Weiner admitted that the chat records were authentic. However, he said that he and his wife are now focused on moving forward with their lives.

“My source is solid,” the bombshell post at TheDirty.com begins. “She really thought Anthony Weiner and her were in love, they spoke on the phone daily multiple times a day for 6 months. Anthony Weiner played with her emotions and mind. Most calls were phone sex.”

“He promised her many things including a condo in Chicago (1235 S. Prairie Ave) where they were planning to meet up to have sex,” the post continues. “Anthony Weiner has a shoe fetish, particularly heels.”

The images taken from Facebook and the social network Formspring are blurred but are alleged to be Weiner going by the handle “Carlos Danger.”

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