In The Game With Gabby Douglas (VIDEO)

Source: Samara Mackereth / ABC News

Gabs. Gabinator. Or as she is known to her family: Bri. Regardless of the name, Gabby Douglas is an all star. At just 17-year-old she has many credits to that name: clothing designer, author and most notably Olympic Gold Medalist. But not only has she won the Olympic Gold Medal in gymnastics but she is also the first African-American woman-in fact- the first woman of color of any nationality to win the individual event, solidifying her name in history and securing her place as America’s sweetheart.

And it all started while playing as a child. ‘I was kind of a dare devil child. I would climb up the door, walls and trees and flip and jump off the couch,’ said Douglas. When her older sister Arielle taught her how to do a cartwheel at age three there was no turning back. Just six years later she was the state gymnastics champion. At just 14, with an eye on Olympic greatness, Douglas persuaded her mother to allow her to leave their home in Virginia to attend training camp in Iowa. Her hard work and determination paid off. At the 2012 Summer Olympics the 4’11″ phenom took the games by storm.  Her secret to success? “Don’t be afraid to be great!”

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