Jason Whitlock: Looking For Televised Insight Into Black Condition Is Hopeless

Source: Jason Whitlock / The Huffington Post

Televised simple-mindedness is not beholden to any particular race, political bent or sexual orientation. We should not be surprised that a cross-section of TV talking heads cannot identify the root cause of rampant black-on-black violence.

It is not poverty. It is not the disintegration of the black family. It is not cultural rot.

Hopelessness is at the root of the violence plaguing poor, black neighborhoods. Poverty, family dysfunction and cultural decay contribute to the feeling of hopelessness pervasive throughout black inner-city communities.

Solomon, the Bible’s wisest man, said “hope deferred makes the heart-sick.” There are sick hearts in America’s black ghettos. When you strip a man of hope, you have stripped him of his humanity, his respect for his own life and the life of others.

Poverty, family dysfunction and cultural decay are not unique to the black American experience. All races experience those problems. What is unique to the black experience is the feeling of hopelessness born of 400 years of unabated legalized discrimination.

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