Northeast A ‘Virtual Sauna Bath’ — With More To Come

Source: Matthew DeLuca / NBC News

A sweltering heat wave that has pushed temperatures into the 90s from Cape Cod to Oregon will continue Wednesday as emergency crews, power companies and commuters sweat it out with little relief in sight before the end of the week.

The countrywide slow bake is expected to continue until a cold front moves south on Friday over the Plains, making thunderstorms likely, the National Weather Service said. Temperatures along the East Coast looked unlikely to tail off until Sunday, forecasters said.

Low temperatures read like highs; the lowest temperature in New York City since Sunday has been 77 degrees. And the heat index — the “feels like” factor — is well into triple digits for tens of millions of people as clear, sunny skies combine with high humidity in many places.

“Plain and simple, this week may feel the worst of any week for this summer in the Northeast,” meteorologist Alex Sosnowski told Reuters. “The I-95 region will be a virtual sauna bath.”

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