Photographer Who Released Tsarnaev Capture Images Suspended

Source: Sara Dover / CBS News

A Massachusetts state police photographer angered by Rolling Stone magazine’s latest cover of Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has released never-before-seen photos of Tsarnaev just before he was taken into custody.

Pictures taken by Sgt. Sean Murphy, and first published by Boston Magazine, show a bruised and bloody Tsarneav emerging from the backyard boat he hid in after a confrontation with authorities that left his older brother and alleged bombing accomplice dead.

Dave Procopio, a state police spokesman, said that the agency did not approve the photos’ release, The Associated Press reported. He told CBS News that Murphy has been relieved of duty for one day and that he is the subject of an internal investigation. Procopio also added that Murphy’s duty status will be determined at a hearing next week.

According to Boston Magazine, Murphy was behind the scenes during the entire manhunt for the Tsarnaev brothers. He shot strategy meetings, briefings, and officers patrolling the streets of Watertown as the city was essentially shut down. The most shocking photos, however, are those of the younger Tsarnaev himself, the lasers from sniper rifles seen pointing at his forehead just before he is taken into custody.

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