Pregnant Olympic Runner Dies, Baby Saved

Source: Gillian Mohney / ABC News

A former Olympic runner, who was eight months pregnant, died suddenly Wednesday at a restaurant in Hamden, Conn. Emergency personnel were able to safely deliver her baby at a nearby hospital.

Meskerem Legesse, 26, was getting takeout food from a Chinese restaurant with her 2-year-old son when she suddenly collapsed and died, according to The Associated Press. Paramedics and emergency crews were able to perform CPR on Legesse until she was taken to the Yale-New Haven Hospital, where the baby was delivered.

The hospital did not immediately respond to calls about the condition of the baby.

Fatima Sene, a friend of Legesse, said that she had suffered heart problems in the past.

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    Traumatic. Poor babies. ..

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    My God! My prayers go up for the family! They will need them ;-(

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    aw man 🙁 RIP