Rachel Jeantel Thanks Tom Joyner For Full Scholarship To HBCU Of Her Choice (VIDEO)

Source: BlackAmericaWeb.com

Rachel Jeantel appeared on HLN’s “Nancy Grace” and thanked radio legend Tom Joyner for his scholarship, telling special host Vinnie Politan, “I’m Blessed and I just want to thank him and his followers.”

To Jeantel’s surprise, Joyner joined her on Nancy Grace and the 19-year-old was able to thank him herself.

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  • Nicole Antoinette

    I am Rachel Jeantel. I was born and raised in an under-served community. I received a poor education and my speech was not what “society” deemed as acceptable. My high school English teacher pointed out the errors and I practiced speaking everyday. In addition, I worked hard on my grammar… to make a long story short… I earned a master’s degree. I am an IT professional, adjunct professor, entrepreneur, author, and guess what a “speaker.” I am Rachel Jeantel.

    • Nicole Antoinette

      I look forward to the wonderful things Rachel will do in her life. I know it has been a very emotional year and a half for her. I pray she continues to keep her head held high.