Roland Martin Rips GOP’s ‘What About Chicago?’ Talking Point In Trayvon Debate

Source: EURWeb

Promoting his upcoming TV One program “News One Now,” Roland Martin sat down with a handful of African American journalists on Wednesday following his TCA panel…and the conversation inevitably turned to the polarizing political climate surrounding the George Zimmerman verdict.

It appears as if someone in the conservative movement sent out a memo instructing its TV operatives to challenge African American outrage over Zimmerman’s acquittal by pointing out the lack of equal outrage over Chicago’s rampant black on black crime. Everyone from Fox News’ Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly, to radio host Larry Elder to right wing rocker Ted Nugent has fallen in lockstep with the “Chicago” response, which has gone largely unchallenged.

“They say, ‘Well where have folks been on the violence in Chicago?’ Well where have you been?,” said Martin pointing the finger back at conservatives who hold this viewpoint. Just this week, Martin publicly challenged O’Reilly to debate this specific talking point on his program.

“You wanna have this conversation Bill, then pick up the phone and call me. I’m not scared of you,” said Martin.

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  • Roland Martin is a homophobe and his wife supports the discredited ‘ex-gay’ therapies. We don’t need to fight racism and injustice by indulging bigots.

    • Joe Bethea

      Hey Gary now your a bigot and a racist if you don’t support gay rights ? What about our right to choose and believe in what we choose ? I,m so sick of the Gay and lesbian and all those who support them saying people are bigots and racist because they don’t believe in their gay life style so who is perpetrating the hate….

      • No, you are a bigot if you think that LGBTs have a ‘lifestyle’ and are not born that way.

        You’re sick of gays and lesbians and all who support them? That makes you a bigot.

        PS: I’m not aware of anything that Roland said that makes him a racist. Homophobe yes.

        • julie

          what does him being a homophobe have to do with the point that’s being made by this article?

          • Look, if a racist supports LGBT rights in my presence, they’re going to get a handfull of “no thanks, bigot” because I don’t accept anything from people who hate.

            Maybe if you had the same standards for bigots, we’d be farther along the path of not having to deal with all the “isms”.