ROLAND MARTIN: Zimmerman Defense ‘Idiotic’ And ‘Pathetic’ To Say Trayvon Was Armed With A Sidewalk

Roland Martin and criminal defense attorney Mark Eiglarsh appeared on the Dr. Phil show to discuss Robert Zimmerman, George Zimmerman’s brother controversial comments about Trayvon Martin. Plus, will George Zimmerman be able to lead a regular life after being acquitted and Roland weighs in on the not guilty verdict.

  • MomFirst

    I believe Roland’s opinion is ‘idiotic and pathetic’. Do your homework, bud. Not everything is about racism. So sick of hearing about this. I feel bad for Zimmerman because of morons like you adding fuel to the fire. Martin was by no means a class act like the media is portraying. If he felt threatened by being followed, he should have taken his butt home instead of picking a fight. He was trying to be a bad a$$ and it had deadly consequences. Sorry to Martins family for their loss. But back off the man who did nothing but defend himself. Trayvon picked fights at school, spoke terribly on social media, was a theif, yet no one seems to allow this to be proof of this young man’s true character. And really Martin Luther King in a hoodie–are you kidding me??!? MLK was about equality without VIOLENCE. Trayvon beat the sh*t out of Zimmerman. Stop playing the race card. This is 2013.

    • AKA CF

      See, that’s your problem. You are assuming that Zimmerman knew that Trayvon picked fights or whatnot. He did not know that (fact). And that does not matter because you’re basically saying that if you ever did something bad in the past, then you should be shot. That does not matter in the case so I just answered your question. What kind of thinking is that? You can’t say that Trayvon attacked Zimmerman. The only reason you believe that is because Zimmerman said that. So you’re just believing one side of the story. You are assuming that that is true. STOP ASSUMING. What I can tell you is that Zimmerman is a liar. Look at the crime scene pictures. Figure it out from there. Oh here is a hint, there is grass all around Trayvon and his feet position is towards the patios. You have to think, not assume. Once you see that, then you know he is a liar. This is not assumption. This is a FACT (100% he lied). The only thing is that no one asked that. Hopefully someone will ask. I don’t care if Trayvon was black, white, latino, chinese, or whatever. You cannot kill someone and just walk free especially if you lied under oath. If anything this is manslaughter.

  • Jackie carr

    The fact that the jury did not convict Zimmerman of First or second degree murder does not mean he was not guilty or murder. I hope that justice is pursued for Travon in the same manner they went after OJay. The laws are filled with loopholes that are unjustly and unfairly applied. Also. I think it’s wrong to compare OJay to Zimmerman. Zimmerman confessed and was seen shooting Travon. No one saw it, OJay said he didn’t do it. However there is a serial killer in jail who confessed to killing NiCole and several others. He was convicted on 3 and Nicole’s murder was ignored. What’s interesting is Zimmerman confessed to the murder, blamed the cause on a black kid and went free. A black man said he didn’t kill two white people and the whole country said he was guilty before, during and after the trial. They were going to make him pay even if they had to steal OJay’s person possessions to do it. TO BE FAIR TO SOCIETIES STANDARD and how the LEGAL SYSTEM HANDLE
    D OJAY case and imprisonment, justice for an unarmed child who had the right to be in that neighborhood, walking fast or slow, in the rain SHOULD BE PURSUED THE SAME. You should not be able to disobey police dispatch officer and go free PERIOD! Also not all following is legal…STALKING is not!