Seven Women Allege Sexual Harassment Against San Diego Mayor

Source: Alana Abramson / ABC News

San Diego Mayor and former U.S. Congressman Bob Filner has announced he will hold a press conference this afternoon following a week in which seven women have publicly come forward alleging he sexually harassed them.

The accusations that have resulted in calls for his resignation from local and national democrats as well as a sexual harassment lawsuit.

The San Diego County Democratic Party voted 34-6 for Filner to step down from office on July 22. “We are not here to determine guilt or innocence,” Francine Busby, chair of the San Diego County Democrats, wrote in a statement. “However, in the best interest of the city, the San Diego County Democratic Party has voted to ask Mayor Filner to step down, seek the personal help that he needs, and allow San Diego to move forward.”

Busby also emphasized in her statement that San Diego is a city where “every man, woman, and child is treated with respect.”

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