Sheriff: We Will Not ‘Tolerate’ Violence After Zimmerman Verdict

Source:  Amy Pavuk, Rene Stutzman and Kate Santich / Orlando Sentinel

Seminole County Sheriff Don Eslinger gathered with Sanford‘s police chief shortly after jurors began deliberating George Zimmerman‘s fate, and issued a stern warning to the public:

“We will not tolerate anyone who uses this verdict to violate the law.”

Eslinger and Sanford Police Chief Cecil Smith gathered at the courthouse Friday afternoon to encourage the public to respond to the verdict with peace, and also to ensure the community is safe.

Eslinger said that while he recognizes the Zimmerman case brings out a great deal of emotion in people, “there’s no tension in Seminole County.”

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    You mean when he is found GUILTY, no I hope none of his supporters the ones who have funded the lawyers, the ones who have put up all the hate picture of TM….no I hope they do not commit any crimes. Because that boy is going to be found GUILTY!