Soledad O’Brien Is Her Own Boss — And That Means No Jodi Arias Stories

Source: Sara Morrison / The Wrap

Soledad O’Brien was announced as Al Jazeera America’s special correspondent on Monday, marking the fourth project for her new Starfish Media Group.

O’Brien may no longer anchor CNN’s “Starting Point,” but she’s clearly keeping busy. In addition to Al Jazeera, she’s working with CNN, HBO, and National Geographic — with several more deals coming in the near future.

TheWrap: Al Jazeera America is now the fourth project Starfish Media Group has announced, right?

Soledad O’Brien: That is correct, we’re doing HBO, we’re contributing some pieces and some docs to Al Jazeera, I’m in the middle of shooting for CNN and I’m executive producing and moderating the Geography Bee for National Geographic.

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