STELLA FOSTER: Hey Stevie, How About Boycotting Every City Where Blacks Are Killing Each Other?

by Stella Foster 

REALLY STEVIE WONDER …..REALLY?   Stevie just announced at a concert in Canada mostly attended by white folks, that in response to the controversial not guilty verdict in Florida in the shooting death of 17 year old  Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman, who always said it was in self defense, Stevie will BOYCOTT FLORIDA and any state that the  ”Stand your Ground” law exists.  In case you haven’t heard, that law gives a Florida citizen the right to “act forcibly in self defense against a threat, which forces the police to have clear evidence of wrongdoing.”

SO STEVIE WONDER, AN AWARD WINNING MUSIC LEGEND is so disgusted and outraged that he will not perform in those states, but not boycotting the cities where hundreds of black folks are being senselessly killed by other blacks!    I had to just laugh!  The precious life of Trayvon Martin gets shot dead by someone other than another black AND black leaders and powerfully rich black movie stars and ATHLETES, such as the Miami Heat, get all outraged and up in arms over this single senseless shooting…but are quiet as hell AND damn near mute when it comes to crying out about the ongoing carnage of blacks killing blacks all across the inner cities of America!  This is so backwards and I know other communities are laughing at our unbelievable misplacement of outrage!  One kid versus hundreds of thousands of dead blacks at the hands of another black sometimes just over a lousy chicken wing or just because one kid is trying to be somebody and the haters show their hate through violence!

In a recent killing in Chicago, an innocent 19-year-old  pharmacy tech student, Ashley Hardmon, was shot in the back of her head while talking with friends on a west side corner. The Sun- Times newspaper carried the cover story along with a surreal picture of Ashley laid out in a vertical standing coffin because her distraught mom, Tiffany Hardmon, said, “My baby ain’t gonna be looked down on.”   It was a shocking and sad photo that you would not have expected to see in  a major daily newspaper while drinking your coffee.  Will other celebs boycott Chicago until her killer is caught?

WHY ARE OUR BLACK, RICH AND POWERFUL (AND YOU KNOW WHO U ARE) SO QUIET all the time?! They get on stage and on the red carpets in New York, California, Atlanta, Miami, etc. and sport their swanky outfits by white designers for the most part and thank GOD and their fans for their support, which nine times out of ten, the fans have been black, but never off stage tell or ask our folks to stop the high body count in the inner cities all across America!  Don’t they realize that their fans, the folks who support their make believe careers , are under attack?  Especially in Chicago where the body count is so outrageously high, that it hurts to think about it!  Our cemeteries are crowded with young folks taking a six foot dirt nap!

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  • Jev Marshall

    Some people that DO nothing find creative words to persuade others to do nothing. “Drop your buckets where you are.” “Booker T. Washington

  • E_Joyce

    I find it annoying that there is this ongoing comparison of a judicial travesty and a societal criminality. This is apples and oranges and supports the distorted meme about Blacks and violence. For the record, 84% of White homicides are committed by Whites. Bad people come in all races. By rehearsing this flawed comparison minimizes and distracts from where the focus should be: all Stand Your Ground (SYG) laws must be revoked, repealed, challenged in the courts as discriminatory. Race in America needs to be on the adult table of discussion.

  • belinda

    That’s just it we know who this killer is in Trayvons case and he was set free. I don’t believe the killers in Chicago have been identified but I would hope if they are they would be tried in a court of law.

  • arking

    well since this travesty of justice happened in Florida……

  • Missmo

    I’m so tired of the “why don’t ‘they’ speak up when it’s black on black crime?”
    argument!! First of all, the term ‘black
    on black’ is inherently insulting as if black people are the only people who
    are ignorant enough to actually kill *each other*. Gasp!
    Actual statistics show, and reasonable thought bears out, that most
    crimes are committed against people who look alike. Yet, there is no such term as “white on white”
    crime, which occurs at much higher numbers (not percentages, true – but actual
    numbers of crimes committed in the US.) That said, my other problem with this
    argument is the premise that no one speaks up or is upset about it when it
    happens. The only people I see being
    silent when blacks are killed by other black people are people in power!! Every time an innocent person is killed in
    Oakland I hear of vigils, and protests, and community meetings to stop the
    violence, and there is an outcry within the community. However, the real problems that allow the
    violence to occur are never addressed. There
    is no increased police presence, no increased funding for jobs programs or
    education improvements. The establishment
    and powers that be seem to turn away from the issues within urban (mostly
    black) communities and act as though it’s okay for ‘them’ to kill each
    other. I mean, as long as the violence
    is contained and doesn’t affect them directly why should they put any effort
    towards stopping it? I do see and hear of black celebrities, community leaders
    and just regular folk mobilizing and trying to do something within the
    community. And just think, after years,
    no decades, of being treated as though you are less than a citizen, imagine the
    nerve of a community to feel outraged and finally say ENOUGH!! And not just say it to each other, but say it
    to the establishment itself – by protests, blocking traffic, and demanding that
    something change. To say that the black
    community doesn’t speak out against black on black crime is false. But to use that to then say that we also (?)
    shouldn’t speak up against a law that allows an innocent (as in, NOT armed!!)
    young man to be followed and then gunned down is … I honestly don’t have the
    words for how insane and horrible that is.

  • Terry

    At least he I’d doing something. No other entertainer has signed a petition stating they will boycott states with the stand your ground law. Not one jay z and beyonce made a pr appearance. Why don’t other entertainers jump on board instead of being silent. Americans need to boycott artist at there shows in states that support this law. White and black artist…from justin bieber to Dottie people’s…this law requires attention… Also Stevie boycotted South Africa during apartied. Artist talk about drugs and women…but TI, usher, justin bieber artist of today are just the brands in the grocery store….we need more Stevie’s today and less jayz, TI and ill Wayne.

  • Janice

    Stevie can do what ever the F___ he wants to do. I’m happy he’s trying to do something.

  • KeepUpWithThisJONES

    Stella Foster, the real issue is reporters like you who over-emphasize the black-on-black violence, while disimissing the FACT that the percentage of black-on-black crime is NOT significantly different from that of White-on-white crime, or hispanic-on-hispanic crime. The fact of the matter is, that violence is not a random act. It USUALLY occurs among people who have some kind of association, so as segregated as our society as a whole is, it only makes sense that most black victims are accosted by other blacks, and most white victims are accosted by other whites. Do your research Stella, and PLEASE let me know if I am wrong (spoiler alert: I’m NOT)


    She acting like black people are the only ones killing each other…Watch the ID channel whites be doing some crazy stuff to each other…She act like they don’t have marches for violence in the city they do I have seen them…Open your eyes to everything not just what you want to see.

  • shadow

    Stella, honey, Stevie’s protest isn’t about the crime more than it is about the justice system using unjust laws to let killers go free. It’s about a CHILD who was profiled by a man who had no right to follow him with a weapon when he was told to leave him alone by the police. It’s about a man looking for trouble, found it then claimed I had a right to defend myself against a boy I was following. It’s about a US states allowing ANYONE to use this law to cover up a murder that never should have happened. No murder should happen but this child was minding his business. Regardless if it’s black on black or white on white or mix and match…it’s about the law. Two parents are home without their son while a man goes free and is not held accountable at all. This crime will happen again. the next time, how many innocent young people will be killed because someone thought, in their opinion, they didn’t look right?

    This man isn’t a police officer. He’s nothing. Neighborhood Watch? They’re suppose to WATCH not follow and shoot. Treyvon was defending himself. No one mentions that. He was followed and approached. He didn’t know Zimmerman and he had a right to stand his ground but people are calling him a thug. Why? Because he’s a teenager? Had a hoodie? Rumored to have smoked weed? That would make most of America, every race included, thugs. Stevie can do whatever he wants. Who are you to judge?


  • Zack Thareporta

    Tomorrow’s headline: Retired Journalist Stella Foster Keeps It Real and Things Go Wrong… LOL

  • Leslie Paul Mealy

    its time we wake up and prosecute civilly and criminally those government entities andor persons who are responsible for providing safety and security in any city were many people are being killed by other blacks or other persons or groups. and we must begin with boycotts of any good or service that has any connection to Florida or NYC. Thus we will demand an end to racism and white supremacy in government operations