Tennessee Woman Suffering From Back Pain Diagnosed With ‘Ghetto Booty’

Source: Matt Wilstein /  Mediaite

When Tennessee woman Terry Ragland went to see a local doctor about her back pain, perhaps she expected he would prescribe her some pain medication. When she did not expect was this diagnosis: “ghetto booty.” Memphis’ CBS affiliate reporter Candance McCowan spoke to Ragland about the incident she called “inappropriate” and “sexist.”

Ragland described how she felt when Dr. Timothy Sweo came into her examination room and told her she was suffering for “ghetto booty.” She said, “I think I blacked out after he said ‘ghetto booty.’ I think my mind was just stuck on the phrase because I couldn’t believe he said that.”

In an apology letter, Sweo explained his approach by saying, “I was trying to take technical conversation regarding your lower back and make it less technical.” He later told McCowan that the technical term for Ragland’s issue is “Lumbar Lordosis,” a curve in the spine that “makes the buttocks protrude more” and can cause back pain.

But Ragland isn’t buying Sweo’s explanation, calling his use of the term “ghetto” a “racial slur” nd filing an official complaint against the doctor with the state of Tennessee.

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