UPDATE: Celebrities Take Action Against Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law In Wake Of Zimmerman Verdict

Source: April D. Ryan / AprilDRyan.com

Last night I received an official statement from Alicia Keys’ publicist regarding a list I published on this website of entertainers who purportedly support Stevie Wonder’s boycott of Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law. Supporters hope the boycott pressures lawmakers.

Kelly Bush, the publicist, emailed this statement: “We question the validity of this list since Alicia’s name along with many others has appeared erroneously.”

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I was given this list from a source who has been reliable in the past. So far, in addition to Stevie Wonder, two other entertainers whose names appear on the list have been identified by other news organizations as being supporters of the boycott. They are Mary Mary and R&B singer Eddie Levert.

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  • Jerry

    Sad..60 yr old…Stevie is the only one..where would the civil rights movement be today if entertainers did not take a stand…Tom Joyner Steve harvey..rickey smiley…Roland, radio one need to push artist to be artist and not products controlled by stockholders. This is sad 1st the voting rights act and now stand your ground… whats next MLK king holiday getting repealed..don’t laugh…it’s possible..Roland you need to call them out..that’s what past tv/radio personalities did..tom Joyner used to do that back in the 90s with tavis but with sooooo many sponsors I guess it would be bad business…sad…