Valerie Jarrett On The Fiscal Showdowns This Fall (VIDEO)

Source: Susan Page / USA Today

WASHINGTON — President Obama is going on the road, including a stop Tuesday in Tennessee, to set the stage for the fiscal showdowns this fall that could risk shutting down the government.

The point, senior White House adviser Valerie Jarrett says, is to push House Republicans to worry less about the possibility of a primary challenger in their district and more about broader national concerns. One big hurdle on issues from immigration to spending, she says, is the fear among GOP legislators that agreeing to a compromise in Washington could spark a conservative opponent back home.

“You hit the nail on the head right there,” Jarrett said in an interview on Capital Download, USA TODAY’s weekly video interview series. “The short-term political concerns often outweigh what’s good for the country, but they were elected to represent the country as a whole as well, and sometimes we have to remind them of that. That’s what the president is doing by traveling around the country and engaging people in this dialogue.”

Obama spoke last week in Galesburg, Ill., and Warrensburg, Mo., before Tuesday’s address in Chattanooga. More trips are set to follow in early August.

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