Will Zimmerman Verdict Spur Others To Accept Jury Duty?

Source: Laura Petrecca and Rebecca Castagna / USA Today

The George Zimmerman jury has spoken — and in giving its not-guilty verdict, reminded the nation of the power of a jury-box view.

In the days following Saturday’s ruling, people across the country cheered and criticized the six-women jury’s high-profile decision. Many took to Twitter and other public platforms to proclaim that, from now on, they’ll take their own jury summons more seriously, and also encouraged others to do so.

“If the Zimmerman verdict teaches us one thing, it’s that reasonably intelligent people need to stop trying to get out of jury duty,” said Pierre Kim, tweeting under @MetroDadNYC.

“When we are called (for jury duty), we must answer,” Malia Cohen, who represents southeast San Francisco on the Board of Supervisors, said during a rally outside San Francisco City Hall on Tuesday evening.

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