Zimmerman Judge Walks Out After Attorneys Explode In Late Night Argument: ‘I’m Not Getting Into This’ (VIDEO)

Source: Evan McMurry / Mediaite

After thirteen hours—the longest day so far of the George Zimmerman trial—Judge Debra Nelson finally walked out of the courtroom Tuesday night, even as attorneys for both sides were still arguing.

Attorneys had been going at it for so long that at one point the lights in the courtroom went out.

Much of the day was taken up debating what would be included in today’s proceedings. The defense wanted both text messages by Trayvon Martin and animation depicting Zimmerman’s version of the events admitted as evidence. But the prosecution argued vociferously against the inclusion of both. “This is a murder trial. This isn’t Casablanca. This isn’t Iron Man,” prosecuting attorney Richard Mantei said.

Tempers then flared over accusations from the defense that the prosecution had withheld evidence that now couldn’t be admitted.

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