Zimmerman Trial: Medical Examiner Says Trayvon Martin Was Alive, In Pain After Gunshot

Source: Rene Stutzman and Jeff Weiner / Orlando Sentinel

SANFORD — The man who autopsied 17-year-old Trayvon Martin after his shooting testified this morning that the teen likely remained alive for a time after George Zimmerman’s bullet pierced his heart, and would have been “suffering.”

“His heart was still beating,” Dr. Shiping Bao, an associate medical examiner, testified today. He said the teen could have stayed alive for as long as 10 minutes, though he thought it was unlikely Trayvon could move. “He was still alive, he was still in pain.”

Earlier today, he also testified that Trayvon’s shooting was a homicide, the killing of one person by another.

The bullet pierced Trayvon’s heart, Bao said, adding the injuries were not survivable: “No chance, zero.” He said there were small abrasions on two of the fingers on the teen’s left hand.

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