50 Years After March On Washington, A Chance To Reclaim The “Dream” (VIDEO)

Source: Wynton Marsalis / CBS This Morning / CBS News

The March on Washington, formally called March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, was the largest demonstration for social change that America had ever seen at the time. Now, 50 years later, we remember that historic moment in our nation’s capital.

CBS News cultural correspondent Wynton Marsalis offered this essay on “CBS This Morning” about the messages of that day — and a commentary on where we are as a country, half a century later.

Fifty years ago today, 250,000 Americans gathered on the mall of the Nation’s capital to peacefully request social and economic equality for our most oppressed group of citizens: the American negro.

More than 25 people from all walks of life spoke, played, and sang that day, in an impressive tapestry of national leadership mobilized for jobs and freedom, and for redemption of the national soul.

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