Bill Cosby Will Help Ben’s Chili Bowl Celebrate 55 Years Of Half-Smokes At Thursday Event

Source: Michael Livingston II / The Washington Post

Bill Cosby talks for a few minutes about his love for chili half-smoke hot dogs, but to a hungry caller it feels like an eternity.

“People coming in, why? Because they get what they’ve been dreaming about. See, after you have one of those famous, whatever you’ve ordered there, and you start to dream about it days later . . .”

Then there is silence, and Cosby reminds the caller that “you’re on hold at Ben’s Chili Bowl.”

Yes. Every time you are put on hold while making an order at the beloved U Street institution, you will hear a message from the legendary actor and comedian. Cosby, 76, is perhaps the most famous and most loyal fan of Ben’s Chili Bowl. He is scheduled to help mark its 55th anniversary with a news conference and celebration at the restaurant Thursday.

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