Call Detroit Drama Town: State Will Look At Disputed Detroit Mayoral Votes

Source: Darren A. Nichols and Gary Heinlein / The Detroit News

The state will look into the Detroit mayoral primary vote-counting controversy and may add mostly votes for write-in candidate Mike Duggan.

The four-member State Board of Canvassers is likely to meet early next week in Detroit, State Elections Director Chris Thomas said Wednesday, but an exact date has not yet been set. The board will only make a decision about 18,000 votes that weren’t counted, he said, adding the process of counting the votes should take a day to a day and a half.

“It was our view these 18,000 votes need to be looked at and counted,” Thomas said in a phone press conference. “… The error of an election worker should never disenfranchise a voter.”

At issue is how Detroit election inspectors counted write-in ballots during the Aug. 6 primary. Officials have said Detroit Clerk Janice Winfrey was given instructions on how the 482 precinct and 125 absentee poll books should be marked with hash-tag tallying of votes. Instead, some poll books used numbers to record votes.

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