Dallas County DA Craig Watkins Cleared Of Contempt

Source: Jennifer Emily / The Dallas Morning News

Defense attorney Tom Nowak, who is running for Dallas County DA as a Republican said that Watkins still has a lot to explain to the public.

“Despite the acquittal, this has been an embarrassment to Dallas County,” Nowak said. “Today’s decision changes nothing about the motives in indicting Al Hill III and, as far as the public is concerned, a Democratic judge has already determined Craig Watkins violated his oath and the trust of Dallas County citizens.”

Spokesman for Al Hill III, Matthew Berger said in a statement that the ruling acquitting Watkins of contempt has no impact on the dismissal of the mortage charges against Hill.

“Judge Lena Levario reviewed hundreds of pages of evidence and heard testimony from several witnesses before deciding in March to dismiss the case against Mr. Hill due to constitutional violations by the District Attorney’s Office.  Today’s hearing has no effect on that ruling.”

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