Doctor Claims Life Ruined By Experian After Agency Wrongly Tacked $22M Debt Onto Credit Report: Suit

Source: Selim Algar / New York Post

Dr. Joseph Cannavo’s frightening 52-page credit report from Experian lists a ridiculous 47 mortgages from borrowers with similar but clearly different names and Social Security numbers.

The phantom debt, which includes multimillion-dollar foreclosures and other shamefully delinquent accounts, are linked to a range of people including José Cannahui and Joseph Canty.

But despite the clear errors, the company has refused to scrub his report, the married father says in his suit.

Cannavo’s other documents, from Equifax and Transunion, list him “as having near perfect credit without so much as a single derogatory account or late payment,” the suit states.

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