Roland S. Martin Daily Podcast 08.12.13: Does Racism Exist In The Fashion Industry? MICHAELA ANGELA DAVIS Lets Us Know


Roland Martin talks with Michaela Angela Davis about racism in the fashion industry.

DON’T MISS: Racism In The Fashion Industry

  • lindaskindiva

    Viewing the world through a solely European perspective can be a huge problem. The same exists in the spa industry. Most esthetic schools do not build ethnic/Brown skin into their curriculum so we are always on the low end of some therapist’s learning curve. This is one reason so many Black women have disappointing experiences when getting a facial. But interestingly, considering that brown people comprise 70-80 of the global population the spa industry would prefer to lose money than acknowledge and modify their training. It is important for Black/Brown skin women before ever booking a spa appointment to inquire as to the knowledge level of the therapists delivering the treatment. If the people are not trained on ethnic skin then do not book an appointment. The industry must begin to understand that consumers recognize the disparity in customer service and training.