Egypt Court Acquits Hosni Mubarak On Corruption Charges; Lawyer Says He’ll Soon Be Free

Source: AP / CBS News

Lawyer Fareed El-Deeb confirmed to CBS News producer Alex Ortiz that Mubarak was acquitted on the corruption charges, which stem from allegations that he and his sons embezzled funds for work on presidential palaces.

In spite of El-Deeb’s prediction, however, it remained unclear whether Mubarak would actually be set free. He is still facing charges that he was complicit in the killing of hundreds of protesters by his security forces during the months of turmoil which led to his ouster.

He was convicted and sentenced to life in prison on those charges in June 2012, but the verdict was challenged on technicalities and the case has gone to retrial. Judicial officials told the Associated Press, however, that Mubarak cannot be held in custody anymore on those charges because of a two-year limit pending a final verdict.

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