Everything Must Go? Prankster Puts Sales Signs On Detroit Statues

Source: Serena Maria Daniels / The Detroit News

Detroit — A Metro Detroit artist who became a social media sensation for his giant Crisco can gift to the city in the midst of its bankruptcy filing is taking credit for the latest public art gimmick on display on historic city statues.

Hanging from the necks of statues of two storied Michigan politicians, Hazen S. Pingree and William C. Maybury, which both stand in Grand Circus Park, were oversized, neon-green sale tags on Wednesday. Social media users are also saying they’ve had similar sightings elsewhere. Each is marked at the bottom with a logo that reads “Motor City Going Out of Business Sale!”

Detroit Institute of Arts spokeswoman Pamela Marcil said museum personnel spotted two signs, one on the side of the property and another attached to Rodin’s “The Thinker” statue.

Artist Jerry Peterson, known as Jerry Vile, told the Metro Times that he was the one responsible for the signs. Peterson couldn’t immediately be reached by The Detroit News.

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