Four Cups Of Coffee A Day May Raise Early Death Risk In Younger Adults

Source: Ryan Jaslow / CBS News

You may have read recent reports on coffee’s health benefits, including reduced risk for strokeheart failureAlzheimer’s, some cancers and even suicide risk.

But a new decades-long study finds coffee didn’t find protective benefits: Drinking four or more cups of joe per day can be deadly for some.

Researchers found drinking 28 cups of coffee or more per week increased a person’s odds of dying prematurely by 21 percent. The risk was more than 50 percent higher in adults under 55 years old.

“There continues to be considerable debate about the health effects of caffeine, and coffee specifically, with some reports suggesting toxicity and some even suggesting beneficial effects,” study co-author Dr. Carl Lavie, a cardiology researcher at the Ochsner Medical Center in New Orleans, said in a statement.

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