Friday Protests In Egypt Leave Another 37 Dead

Source: Sarah Lynch / USA Today

CAIRO – Clashes between security forces and protesters killed another 37 people Friday as tens of thousands of supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood took to streets in defiance of a military-imposed state of emergency.

More than 670 people have now been killed in clashes this week.

Protesters poured out of mosques after traditional mid-day prayers in response to the Muslim Brotherhood’s call for a “Friday of Anger” against the ouster of president Mohamed Morsi and the deadly violence during a police operation to evict Morsi supporters from protest camps.

Unlike in past clashes between protesters and police, Friday’s turmoil took an even darker turn when residents and possibly police in civilian clothing engaged in the violence. Police in uniform were nowhere to be seen as residents fired at one another on a bridge that crosses over Zamalek in Cairo, an upscale island neighborhood where many foreigners and ambassadors reside.

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